The purpose of this page is to heartily thank the great work of the Mayan wise highlands of Guatemala and Mayan indigenous communities in Mexico and throughout Mesoamerica, the ancient country of Anahuac, who have preserved this knowledge in the dark ages in which we have lived these last 468 years.

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With 21 addicional Features like:

What is the purpose of your life, What prevents you fulfill it, What are gifts of your life, Your mission in life, etc.


  The book "El Nuevo Sol", is our contribution to mathematically explain the 20 glyphs and 13 Tzolkin Maya vibrations, the patterns of our Sun and Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades. They are responsible for producing every day, twenty glyphs patterns  and thirteenno vibrations whose combination <re repeated until past 52 years or 18,980 days or 73 cycles of 260 days

  Knowing these cycles allows us to be more connected with nature and the cosmos at this time of  Suns's rebirth,  an event that occurs every 5200 years.

   If we calculate the Kin's birth, we will know the energy that guides our life and we'll receive the guidance from or the challenges that we have proposed in this existence.

  Your country of birth and time are also essential for a correct calculation.

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In the following video, the Engineer Cesar Morlan of Mexico, gives the correct correlation between the Mayan calendar and the Gregorian dates Correlation 13:13:1, based on the Stone of the Sun. We remark that perfectly matches the account of the days following the Mayan wise highlands of Guatemala, whose wisdom has inspired us 

The  "Compass of your Destination"  will Give to you, 21 more addicional information, like what is the purpose of your life, what prevents you fulfill it, what are your gifts, your mission in life, etc ...

Discover why Joseph Argüelles and many of the sites that calculate the Maya Kin are wrong and do not follow the right cycle of 260 days in leap years, that because of this error have a cycle of 261 days, as if the sun is not out on 29 February of a leap year.

If the Mayan Long Count has a year zero, as it does,  this means that terminates 360 days after the famous 21-12-2012, exactly the 16/12/2013, the day 13-Ahau, with very high spiritual significance. Think about it and research, do not believe in mass media. Discover the help that gives to you the " Compass of your destiny" in these times.